Lab Director

Oriel FeldmanHall

CV  |  Email: Oriel.FeldmanHall@Brown.edu

Postdoctoral Fellows


Jeroen van Baar Contact | CV

Jeroen obtained his BSc and MSc at Utrecht University in the Netherlands. During his masters, he spent seven months training with Catherine Tallon-Baudry in Paris, after which he moved back to Holland to pursue his PhD with Alan Sanfey at the Donders Institute. In his doctoral studies, Jeroen worked on the psychological and neural underpinnings of moral decision-making. He combines economics-based computational modeling with functional MRI to study inter-subject variation in the neural processing of moral decisions. In 2014, Jeroen published a popular science book on the psychology of overachieving, and he has done some related science communication projects (TEDx talk here). Twitter: @jeroen_van_baar.

Qian Cui | CV

Qian Qui received her B.A, M.S., and PhD in Psychology from Southwest University, China, where she researched the neural mechanisms of deception. After receiving her PhD, she began to investigate social cognition in individuals with anxiety and depression, looking specifically at moral decision-making and self-referential processing. She currently holds the role of post-doctoral fellow in a Brain Imaging lab in China, and is working with us on a scholarship from the China Scholarship Council!

Graduate Students

Joseph Heffner  |  ContactCV

Joey received a B.S. in Psychology and a B. A. in Philosophy from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2013. He served as project manager for Dr. Walter Sinnott-Armstrong at Duke University for three years investigating the effects of implicit moral attitudes. Joey's current research investigates human social cognition and decision-making, focusing particularly on how people respond to fairness violations. He utilizes behavioral economics and social psychology approaches to explore questions like: In what contexts do people value punishment over non-punitive alternatives? How do people learn the value of prosocial actions in ambiguous and noisy environments? What aspects of the environment influence decisions to compete or cooperate?


Amrita Lamba  |  ContactCV

Co-mentored by Dr. Michael J. Frank 

Amrita received a B.S. in Psychology from the University of Toronto in 2014 and an M.A. in Psychology from the College of William & Mary in 2017. She is interested in examining how learning and uncertainty interact in social and affective contexts. Furthermore, she wants to understand how uncertainty perturbs (or strengthens) cognitive representations in learning and memory systems in individuals with affective disorders. To elucidate these questions, Amrita uses a combination of neuroimaging, computational modeling, and neural network approaches. 

Jae-Young Son  |  ContactCV,  Web

Jae is a first-year Ph.D. student interested in how people use social and affective information to inform decision-making. Prior to grad school, Jae worked in Jamil Zaki and Oriel FeldmanHall's labs. When not thinking about science, Jae enjoys singing at unreasonably loud volumes, reading pretentious existentialist philosophy, and going on spontaneous long-distance bike rides and hikes.

Lab Manager


Logan Bickel | Contact

Logan received a B.A. in Cognitive Science from the University of Michigan. While there, he was an honors student in Stephanie Preston’s Ecological Neuroscience Lab and the lab manager for Rick Lewis’s Lab for Computational Cognitive Science. He additionally held a summer research position in Daniel Gilbert’s lab at Harvard. Logan is generally interested in the role of emotion in decisions to transgress. Particular interests include the valuation of one’s self relative to others, and circumstances involving blame and punishment. Logan also enjoys skateboarding and short films.

Undergraduate Research Assistants


Eric Ingram

Eric is a sophomore pursuing a concentration in psychology at Brown University. He is interested in studying the neural mechanisms behind cognitive decision making, and intends to pursue a career in mental health and psychiatric disorders. Aside from academics, Eric is a sprinter on the Brown Track and Field team and serves as an academic tutor for athletes.


Marlon Sherman

Marlon is a junior concentrating in Behavioral Decision Sciences at Brown University. He is interested in studying how Economics and Game Theory relate to Social Decision Making. He also is interested in Political Theory and is considering pursuing Decision Sciences in the realm of Law. For fun, Marlon spends his time singing a cappella with The Alef Beats, serving as a Meiklejohn Peer Advisor for first-year students, and watching classic movies.


Nina Zhao

Nina is a senior double-concentrating in psychology and economics at Brown University. She is interested in behavioral economics, particularly how people evaluate risks and uncertainties. She is also interested in investigating the influence of social factors on the decision-making of individuals. Outside the lab, Nina is a member of Brown Taekwondo club.

Grace Deng

Grace is a junior double concentrating in Psychology and Applied Math. She is interested in human social behaviors, especially the subtle relationship between self-interest and moral behaviors. She is also a huge fan of novels and movies.

Yutong Liu

Yutong is a senior concentrating in Economics and Psychology. She is interested in behavioral economics and the factors that affect social decision-making. Moreover, she is interested in how social biases can affect people's opinions and actions toward others. Outside of the lab, Yutong enjoys basketball, hiking, and golden retrievers.

Evan Dong

Evan is a second-year concentrating in Behavioral Decision Sciences. He is interested in economically irrational decision making, especially in social and moral contexts, as well as their implications in policy and philosophy. In his free time, Evan sings in the Brown Chorus, serves as a Peer Mental Health Advocate, and develops his Arabic and Spanish skills.

Muskaan Garg

Muskaan is a sophomore .5'er creating an independent concentration in Political Psychology. She is interested in understanding how social learning and emotion influence decision-making in moral and political contexts. Outside of the lab, she writes for The College Hill Independent, takes photos with old cameras, and works with the Center for Contemporary South Asia to encourage South Asian community and discourse.

Samuel Murk Caya

Samuel is a sophomore considering a concentration in environmental and behavioral economics as well as computer science. His interests lie in how best to promote sustainable economic practices and business habits using principles of decision making. Sam works in the Brown Community as a Residential Peer Leader and busies himself with reading, games, exercising, and all things music in his free time.

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